NWWNL – Chapter 15

Chapter 15.

All the commotion soon caught the attention of the surrounding crowd.

The waiter seemed horrified. He bowed and apologized, “I’m sorry sir, I didn’t mean to!”

One of the girls had tripped him as he walked by. She had been waiting on the side to see Xu Xinyi be covered with red wine, but in a twinkling of an eye, the red wine had all been spilled on Yi Yang instead, and the chance to see Xu Xinyi make a fool of herself disappeared.

“Excuse me? This is how you do things?”

The waiter turned pale.

What was this occasion? His manager had explained to them yesterday and he was very clear on who would be attending this event. Now that the three glasses of red wine were spilled, not only would it be hard to keep his job, he might have to pay compensation for the man’s suit.

But that suit was so expensive, how could he afford to pay compensation for it?

“What’s the matter? What happened?” Hearing the commotion, Qin Yan, who had been welcoming the guests, came in to see broken glass and wine stains on the floor, and asked about the situation.

“Yan Yan, the waiter didn’t hold the wine properly and spilled it all on Yi Yang.” One of the girls pouted.

“What?” Qin Yan noticed the red wine stains on Yi Yang’s suit and frowned. Just as she opened her mouth to speak, the waiter apologized again, cutting her off.

“Miss Qin, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. It was all my fault. I didn’t mean to!”

Qin Yan opened her mouth again, ready to speak, before getting cut off again.

“It’s no matter,” Xu Xinyi suddenly stood out from behind Yi Yang, looked at the mess on Yi Yang’s chest, and said to the waiter with a smiling face, “You were too careless but I believe you didn’t do it on purpose. You didn’t get hurt did you?”

The waiter trembled and shook his head. “I’m fine.”

The people all around started to whisper amongst themselves.

“I’m glad you’re fine.” Xu Xinyi smiled at Qin Yan and said, “Don’t blame him, Qin Yan. It’s just some clothing. It’s not a big deal, right, Yi Yang?”

When she said that, it made it seem like Qin Yan was trying to make things difficult and blame the waiter.

The choking stench of red wine was wafting all around him and Yi Yang had a blackened face but he still squeezed out an “Mhm.” from his throat.

In fact, even before the three glasses of wine were spilled, Yi Yang had a vague premonition that the waiter might stumble because of some accident. But he did not move because he was pretty lucky and rarely met with accidents. He even had a bit of curiosity.

He wanted to see how Xu Xinyi would deal with the situation.

Unexpectedly, this was Xu Xinyi’s way to deal with the situation.

She used him to block the wine!

So his current state could be said to be self-inflicted. Yi Yang couldn’t find anywhere to direct his anger.

After Xu Xinyi said so much, Qin Yan reacted quickly and reassured the waiter, “It’s all right. Just be more careful next time. You can leave first.”

With that, she said to Yi Yang, “Let me accompany you back to one of the rooms and get you a change of clothes.”

“Heh. The host of the banquet invited a man with a wife to a room to change his clothes. After ‘changing clothes’, will it be time to go to a bed?”

Yi Yang pulled at his tie, his irritation written all over his face. Just as he was considering accepting Qin Yan’s invitation to change his clothes, he heard Xu Xinyi thinking such a thing.

One time could be a coincidence. But it was not a coincidence the second or third time.

“No. You are the host of the banquet. Just stay and greet your guests here. Have a waiter take me.”

Qin Yan smiled a little stiffly but nodded and asked a waiter to take Yi Yang to an unused room where he could change his clothes.

“Yi Yang, I’ll accompany you…”

“You stay here!” Yi Yang replied stormily. He was worried that before his anger subsided, he would not be able to control himself when he heard more of Xu Xinyi’s thoughts.

The broken glass was swept away and the wine stains on the floor were also wiped clean. After making a proper apology to the guests around, Qin Yan chatted briefly with the group of childhood friends from before, and then finally walked over to Xu Xinyi.

During the whole incident, no other members of the Qin family came forward.

Qin Yan’s ability to manage big events like this was self-evident.

“Miss Xu, thank you for accompanying Yi Yang to my birthday party. Do you mind if we have a chat alone?”

Looking at the harmless smile on Qin Yan’s face, Xu Xinyi was really reluctant.

Just for the sake of letting the dog man cheat, it was not worth it to talk to this white lotus. It would be much better to just drink wine and eat food here while showing off her beautiful dress.

But since she dared to show up at the other woman’s party, she could not appear too weak.


“Great, then, this way, Miss Xu.”

They two people moved to a terrace. Outside the terrace was the hotel garden, which was filled with blooming flowers despite the winter weather.

“The flowers here were all temporarily taken out of a greenhouse by the hotel,” Qin Yan, seeing the surprise on Xu Xinyi’s face, explained, “But no matter how beautiful they are, they are not meant to bloom in winter. I’m afraid they will all wither after tonight. Just like with people, whether it’s making friends or falling in love, whether it’s family or moral values, you have to choose what suits you. Don’t you agree, Miss Xu?”*

Xu Xinyi nodded and said nothing. Content to continue to listen to this little drama.

“Yi Yang and I have known each other since childhood. I played with him when I was very young. The people you met just now are all our friends. When I was a child, there were so many things between us that I doubt even Yi Yang himself remembers them all.”

Qin Yan seemed to be lost in thought, reminiscing about the past. “He said back then that he would marry me when he grew up and would be good to me for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, he fell ill and was sent abroad to recover. We had all grown up when he finally came back. He didn’t even recognize me at first when we met again in high school. But I recognized him at first sight.”

Xu Xinyi nodded with sympathy and sighed in her heart.

This was the common love story from dramas of being reunited after a long separation and then ‘letting the broken mirror once more become whole’.

“After that, we went to the same high school and later the same college together. Although he was several years older than me, we were almost inseparable at school. Yi Yang has always been cold to people but I know that he treats me differently in his heart. I don’t know if he remembers. He once said that he would marry me when I was 25 if I had not married. Today I turned 25 years old… but he married you. “

Qin Yan smiled at Xu Xinyi. “Don’t get me wrong. You don’t have to mind all this. I just wanted to tell you a little about Yi Yang’s past.”

Xu Xinyi nodded. She couldn’t help asking, “What happened next?”

“Later,” Qin Yan smiled and unconsciously rubbed a bracelet on her wrist. “Later, we ended up studying different majors, he studied finance, while I studied design. We met less and less. Eventually, I went abroad for my career. I wasn’t in touch with him for a long time. After I returned home, he had already taken over as CEO Yi and if I wanted to see him I could only pay a visit to the Yi estate.”

This was still the typical drama love plot of being reunited after a long separation.

“When I came back I thought we would have a chance together but then Old Master Yi unexpectedly asked you to marry Yi Yang because of an engagement agreement with set by the elders.”

Speaking of this, Qin Yan had a wry smile, “I knew that Yi Yang respected his grandfather and could not bear to disobey him. On top of that, back then Old Master Yi was seriously ill, his only wish was to see you two get married. No one wanted Old Master Yi’s health to turn for the worse so the only choice was to have you marry Yi Yang.”

“Did you know? I was really helpless when I heard the news. They were all highly educated people from powerful families but they were still following an arranged marriage custom? I thought that Yi Yang would fight for his freedom but it turned out he could even accept an arranged marriage. He could even bear to marry a woman who he had never met. I don’t know if he has sorted out his thoughts by now. But it seems clear that he doesn’t love you and he is not ready to spend the rest of his life with you. “

Xu Xinyi sighed, if only that was the case…

Yi Yang, this son of a bitch, didn’t love her but was still willing to marry her. Her wonderful youth had been ruined by this dog man.

“I hear you like Yi Yang very much, don’t you?”

…forced to like him. Does that count?

“Xinyi, I know you like Yi Yang very much, but you know that love is not a matter of one person, it is a matter of two people. All your efforts are just wishful thinking. It is impossible for you to be happy in this marriage.”

Xu Xinyi trembled.

What Qin Yan said was absolutely right!

She had it all laid out clearly. But what she doesn’t understand is that Yi Yang, the dog man, haunted her all day long and refused to divorce her.

The scum!

“Love is selfless. You can’t be so selfish and make others suffer just because you are suffering. You should let him go and let him find his own happiness. That is true love. “

I didn’t get the chance to let him go, instead, I begged him to let me go.

If I could have gotten a divorce, I would have.

Who wants to spend the rest of their life with that son of a bitch?

“Then you mean Yi Yang likes you?”

Qin Yan touched the bracelet on her hand and smiled gently. “This bracelet was given to me by Yi Yang on my 18th birthday. I have been wearing it all these years. I can feel the difference in the way he treats me. I believe he loves me.”

Xu Xinyi sighed. It turned out that not only was it the typical drama love plot of reuniting after a long separation, it was also a deeply masochistic love.

In this life, it could be estimated that Qin Yan was Yi Yang’s perfect match.

“Qin Yan, you are wrong. He may not love me but I am also sure that he does not love you. If he loved you, why did he not contact you during all that time when you went abroad? If he loved you, why would he agree to marry me? If he loved you, why would he bring me to your birthday party today? After listening to you say so much, I also want to give you a piece of advice: ‘Don’t pester and chase after a man who is not worth it.’ You probably can’t see it yourself, but it’s ugly to look at.”

Qin Yan’s smile suddenly disappeared.

“What do you mean by that, Xu Xinyi?”

“I don’t mean anything. I’m just trying to persuade you. You tried to persuade others but you can’t listen to their persuasion?”

“So you refuse to divorce Yi Yang?”

“I will never divorce Yi Yang on my own initiative. If you think you can, you can ask Yi Yang to divorce me.” What a joke, if she just mentioned once divorce her character setting would be broken and it would be all over, okay?

Her life was not easy. She could look at the little fresh meats but still couldn’t touch them yet. Her husband in kindergarten still hasn’t grown up. So she had to endure for them! She couldn’t spoil it now!

Qin Yan looked at her silently and her gaze was unreadable.

“If I asked Yi Yang to divorce you, would you agree?”

Xu Xinyi responded instantly, “Of course I would agree.”

Qin Yan suddenly swept a dubious gaze over Xu Xinyi’s shoulder before returning to look at Xu Xinyi. With just that glance, Xu Xinyi understood her plot.

She rolled her eyes at Qin Yan and said, “Did you know that I’m an actress? These tricks, I’ve seen them too many times.”

Then while Qin Yan was still looking confused, Xu Xinyi suddenly threw herself backward and fell to the ground!

From behind, there were footsteps that were clearly audible.

Xu Xinyi raised her head and saw Yi Yang standing at the entrance to the terrace with a group of handsome friends.

“Yi Yang, you’re here?” Xu Xinyi cried out pitifully. Then, like a small bird, she threw herself into Yi Yang’s arms and burst into tears. She pointed at Qin Yan and covered her face as if she had been bullied terribly. “Qin Yan said she wanted me to divorce you, and she wanted to get back together with you. She said if I don’t agree, she’ll hit me! And you see, she slapped me so hard I fell on the floor. Tell me, do I have a palm print on my face? Am I disfigured?”

Xu Xinyi raised her face and showed it to him.

Hearing this, Qin Yan immediately panicked.

Her rhythm had been disturbed and she looked at Yi Yang in a panic, flurried and helpless. She was afraid Yi Yang would misunderstand her. “I didn’t say that…”

Xu Xinyi used her whole body to cling onto Yi Yang like a sloth and looked at Qin Yan with crazy jealousy. “You said it! You just said you want me to leave Yi Yang but I don’t want to! I will never leave him for the rest of my life!”

One was clearly just messing around and tarnishing his reputation while the other was embarrassed and innocent.

In the eyes of the audience, it was impossible for them not to know who is right and who was wrong.

Yi Yang watched Xu Xinyi’s performance with great difficulty.

How can you make it in the entertainment circle with these lousy acting skills? Are all the directors blind now?

“Xu Xinyi, speak clearly. What’s going on?”

“Yes, Yan Yan. If you have any grievances, don’t be afraid, we’ll get justice for you.” One of Yi Yang’s annoying friends opened his mouth.

“I didn’t say that…” Qin Yan replied with an appearance of holding back tears. She looked at Xu Xinyi sadly but without a trace of guilt.

What a pitiful little flower.

Xu Xinyi stopped clinging to Yi Yang, swept the exaggerated expression off of her face, quickly smoothed out her hair, and smiled with a refreshed appearance.

“It’s all right, we were just acting,” said Xu Xinyi, idly wiping the tears off her face as she spoke. “Just now I was talking to Qin Yan about my acting in the crew and she seemed a little curious so, on a whim, she and I co-acted in a drama about snatching love. How was it? We’re good actors, aren’t we? Fooled you all.”

“Qin Yan, is that right?”

–“This white lotus wants to play her little tricks in front of me? Does she even think about who I am? I’m an actress!”

–“Trying to set me up with those skills? Dream on!”

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*She saying that flowers in an environment that “doesn’t suit them” (i.e. greenhouse flowers pulled out during the winter) will wither and die. And that people in an environment that “doesn’t suit them” are the same.

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